Hello world! I will leave the generic WordPress title in as well!

Hello, good citizens of Earth, and welcome to “Kevin Reviews Things.”  (Remind me to update this post when Mars gets wireless Internet.)  Amazingly enough, despite the extraordinarily coincidental timing, this has nothing to do with a New Year’s resolution.  (My resolution to not make New Year’s resolutions is running strong into its sixth year right now.)

This blog is going to have the simplest concept of anything on Earth, with the potential exception of Snakes on a Plane.

I just like writing.  And I like giving my opinion.  And I like reading reviews.  So I’m combining the three.

Every weekday (yes, I get to take weekends off too) I’ll review something.  Whether it’s a movie, a TV show, a book, food, the Knicks’ offensive execution, the chair I’m sitting on, a phrase in the English lexicon…whatever.  The possibilities are really endless here.

Why should you read?  For two and a half reasons.  Number 1, people like reading reviews.  Number 1.5, people like reading reviews that have a grade.  Number 2 (.5?), because I’m funny, or at least trying really, really hard to be.

Granted, this kid is probably funnier.

But the most important part of this blog is not going to be me, but you.  I welcome your suggestions on what to review.  I encourage them.  I DEMAND THEM.

Because I could just write this to entertain myself, but that wouldn’t be any fun, right?

So shoot them over via e-mail to kevinnoble.brown@gmail.com.  That’s k-e-v, i-n-n, o-b-l-e at g mail dot com.


We’ll start tomorrow (that’s Tuesday, January 3rd) with a review of Jason Reitman’s latest film, Young Adult.  And who knows where and when we’ll end.  Enjoy the ride, folks.


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