News and Notes, Volume 1

First of all, a hearty congratulations to everyone involved in the blog – we’ve made it just about one whole month, with no reviews missed!  Give yourselves a round of applause, folks!

(Wait, why am I the only one clapping?  Oh.  Right.)

But if all goes well, that won’t last long.  I’m opening up the blog now for guest reviews.  The rules are simple – there are no rules.  Give me your take on anything from the world of anything, and I’ll post it.  OK, two exceptions…

1) No profanity.  This is family-friendly.

2) If you can’t be either funny or informative, or at least trying to, don’t bother.

I’ll have final edit over the guest reviews, as the Editor-In-Chief, CEO, and Lead Writer of the blog, but I seriously welcome any and all comers.  Whether you want to tear into NBC’s Wednesday night “comedy” block, or you really like that burger joint you went to last night, I’d love to get your suggestions.  Shoot me a Facebook note or an email (emails preferred, I might add) at


Second order of business: a thanks for all those who have suggested ideas and commented so far.  This is meant to be an interactive thing, and the only final say I want is over the words I write.  Your opinions, ideas and feedback are what will keep this running.  Keep those coming as well – same email address as above.


Finally, an announcement: next week will be Super Bowl Week on the blog.  Every day, we’ll have a Super Bowl-themed review.  Some possible topics include:

– My girlfriend’s chicken wing dip, a lovely inclusion to any party.

– A look at Tom Coughlin’s career.  (Is he a Hall of Famer with a win on Sunday?)

– A review of the Helmet Catch.  A+ x 600.  OK, maybe I just reviewed it.

– A review of last year’s halftime show.  No, just kidding, I can’t watch that again.

This could be a fun week, so please send your ideas.  I look forward to hearing them.

(And go Giants.)


3 responses to “News and Notes, Volume 1

  1. How about, after Super Bowl Week is over, a review of your new smartphone, or perhaps a specific app on the phone? I’m a big Android guy and used to work for a cell phone company up here, so I’m almost always interested in telecom talk.

  2. Still hoping you will review both versions of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and more films before the Academy Awards.

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