January Wrap-Up + Joining of Blog Forces

First things first, an announcement…Kevin Reviews Things is joining forces somehow with Walk In Radio, which is run (co-run?) by Eric Rothman, a friend of mine from Syracuse University.  I don’t know exactly what is happening with this tie-in, but they are running some of my posts there, so, hooray!  Go and support them, because the blog is actually funny and I’m not lying about this.  Here is the link: http://www.walkinradio.com/.




In a related story,


Moving on! (http://www.walkinradio.com/)


One month is officially in the books here at Kevin Reviews Things.  And if there’s anything I like more than reviewing things, it’s ranking them!  Some of the blog’s best from the month:

Top 3 Commenters

3. Ryan Balton (3 comments) – All he did was make fun of me.  Jerk.

2. Jim B (6 comments) – Liked everything but the White Castle review.  That seemed to be a heightened point of discussion among many others.

1. DirtyKash (7 comments) – Maybe a bigger fan of the blog than I am.

5 Most Viewed Days

5. January 12 (Review of Jim Carrey’s “I Am The Walrus”) – 93 views.  93 people who had their lives forever changed.

4. January 13 (Review of “Cars” and “Rob”) – 107 views.  My only lapse in the blog was Wednesday, so I made up for it with two reviews in Thursday.  Except I didn’t post the Cars one until after midnight, so it didn’t go up until Friday.  Still, two for the price of one, and one was a racist comedy on CBS!

3. January 2 (Introduction) – 140 views.  Everybody was really excited!

2. January 3 (Review of “Young Adult”, Grading System, About Kevin, About The Blog, Reviews of a Review Blog) – 156 views.  Everybody was still really excited!

1. January 5 (Review of White Castle Hamburgers) – 221 views.  Also known as “The Day Everyone Hated Kevin.”

Ranking Of The Stuff I Reviewed

1. Walter Isaacson’s “Steve Jobs” (A+)

2. Ira David Wood’s dramatic reading of “Sexy and I Know It” (A+)

3. Midnight In Paris (A)

4. Chicken Wing Dip (A)

5. The Artist (A)

6. Super Bowl Prop Bet: Tom Brady passing yards vs. Big Ten basketball scores (A)

7. Christopher Walken’s dramatic reading of “Poker Face” (A-)

8. Young Adult (A-)

9. Jim Carrey’s “I Am The Walrus” (A-)

10. The Lion King Rises (A-)

11. Cars (A-)

12. Super Bowl Prop Bet: Eli Manning completions vs. LeBron James points (B+)

13. The Houston Astros’ potential name change (B+)

14. The Tree Of Life (B+)

15. Dirk Nowitzki’s dramatic reading of “Oops!…I Did It Again” (B)

16. Winnie’s Bar & Restaurant (B)

17. Super Bowl Prop Bet: Victor Cruz’s Longest Reception (B)

18. Mountain Dew Voltage (B-)

19. The Subway near my house (B-)

20. Blue Ivy Carter’s name (C)

21. Syracuse Basketball’s Hyper Elite Uniforms (C-)

22. Super Bowl Prop Bet: Madonna’s Hair Color (C-)

23. White Castle Hamburgers (C-)

24. ¡Rob! (D+)

25. Latinos in Paris (D)

26. Super Bowl Prop Bet: The Coin Toss (F)

27. The Snapple in My Co-Worker’s Desk Drawer (F)

I need to hate-review more stuff.  I liked 17 to 19 of the 27 things this month.  I’m too positive.

On Second Thought…

Three re-gradings were handed out here on the last day of January

1. Winnie’s Bar & Restaurant goes from a B- up to a B.  After a minor outcry from the folks I went with, I realized I was being too harsh.  I did have a hell of a good time, and sing Crazy Town’s “Butterfly” on karaoke.

2. Mountain Dew Voltage goes from a B down to a B-.  I only drank two small glasses.  Had I consumed more than two, I likely would have died a sugary death.

3. The Houston Astros’ Potential Name Change gets a B+.  I forgot to grade this at first.  Oops.  (Thanks for catching, guys.)


Reminder: I want guest reviews and review suggestions for February.  Email me at kevinnoble.brown@gmail.com.  Catch you tomorrow with…something.


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