Random Thought: A Strange Dream I Had About The Dark Knight Rises

Not a review, but a random thing that happened last night which I wanted to post somewhere…


Someone please explain this to me.

I was watching The Dark Knight Rises in my mind while asleep last night (Inception) and Batman only appeared for about two seconds, where he talked to a Robert Downey Jr.-esque person and then disappeared.  I think he was actually dead the whole time.  Bane was in basically every frame of the movie – though, come to think of it, no one else from the actual movie was – and he basically just beat the living daylights out of everyone.  There was lots of blood.  He was beating up kids on the school playground.  Bane was eventually put in jail, which didn’t do anything, since he had teleportation and telepathic powers.  But then some family talked to him and stopped him from causing more damage, and Bane willingly gave himself up and started to do good.

Bane killed him before the movie, I guess.

Until the end.  Bane and his minions waged an epic battle on the ocean – not in, on the ocean (I guess they could walk on water) – against, for some reason, the Walt Disney corporation.  The camerawork here was insane as the moving camera sped in and out, rotating from quick shot to shot and individual fight all in the same scene.  And then…all of a sudden…Harry Potter appeared!  With Ron, Hermione, Cedric Diggory (I distinctly remember Robert Pattinson’s face) and a ton of other people, lined up next to each other.  Harry made the following comments:

“Malfoy.  That’s a fine name.  I’ll be in possession of that one for five years.”

And then he, and everyone else, disappeared into thin air.  And the movie ended.

I remember thinking to myself that it was, in terms of technical stuff, the best Batman movie, but the ending was horribly disappointing.  And then I woke up.

I already know this means:

1) I am very strange.

2) I am obsessed with The Dark Knight Rises.

Can anyone guess any further?


3 responses to “Random Thought: A Strange Dream I Had About The Dark Knight Rises

  1. Such a strange dream. Then again about 4 year ago I had a dream that aliens came to earth and vaporized people into dust and then that movie – The Darkest Hour came out and I was like HOLY CRAP THIS WAS MY DREAM BEFORE THIS MOVIE EXISTED!

  2. ive had 2 dreams about the dark knight rises in the past couple of weeks. a lot of bane and suffering. i really cant recall the dreams right now. i should have wrote them down.

    hopefully i can recall and share.

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