Furniture Review: My New Couch

My basement, for the last couple of years has been the hangout spot of sorts in my house.  There’s a nice TV, some great board games, a good sound system and a DVD player to boot.  It’s not the world’s prettiest or largest basement of all-time, but it’s quite comfortable and provides a good spot to just lounge around.  But there was always one legitimate negative – a dirty, beat-up couch that must have been around 10 to 15 years old.  And my poor girlfriend Veronica had to sleep on this couch every time she stayed over.  It was a constant spot for disappearing remote controls and other items as well – and featured pillows that, well, wouldn’t exactly be described as “soft.”

But give a ton of credit to my parents for solving the problem, as they’ve purchased a new black leather couch to make its home in the basement.  And what a difference it is.  New pillows!  No space for disappearing remotes!  No stains or rips!  A couch that anyone could easily fall asleep on!  It comes with an ottoman, and its individual pieces can be moved around.  There is essentially nothing to dislike about this couch, except for that little slot in between the two couch pieces which I jumped on, severely injuring my gluteus maximus.

Not an accurate picture of my couch, because the real couch is nicer. Suck it, Google images.

So this is an easy “A” review, right?  Ah, not quite – there’s a little caveat here.  This couch is, in fact, too nice.

I know, I know – you’re asking yourself “are you serious, Kevin?”  Well, I’m half-serious.  But this couch is so comfortable that work seems to take about 75% longer when I’ve been on the couch.  Small sample size, but still – this blog post, for example, is running well behind, and all I want to do is lie down and tilt my head back.

In fact, that is exactly what I just did.  Zzzzz…this paragraph should have been started two minutes ago.  There is no dramatic rendering of events here – I am legitimately falling asleep because of this couch.  And I’m not even trying to.  Is it possible to get a couch that’s this nice but slightly less comfortable?  As ridiculous as that sounds, I fear this couch may have a quicksand-like effect on me.  In fact, I feel myself sinking in right now…quick, get the grade up!

Accurate representation of my current state.

Grade: A-


3 responses to “Furniture Review: My New Couch

  1. Kevin, the only solution I can see is that you shouldn’t sit on the couch when trying to get some serious work done! That would solve the problem I think. Although I can see that it must be tempting it looks so comfortable. I also have a similar couch at home but it’s extra functional as it incorporates storage drawers underneath the base.

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