Album Review – Playlist: The Very Best of Rick Astley

So I’m sort of copping out today.  Here’s the deal – due to an overwhelming lack of time and overabundance of work, I have already done one review for the day – my review for the Syracuse Chiefs Culture Challenge on our Chiefs blog.  For the Chiefs, the Triple-A baseball team I broadcast games for, I’ve reviewed something every other week as selected by my broadcast partner, Jason Benetti.  It goes back and forth, and the topics have ranged from Annie Hall (which I also wrote a separate review for here) to some random cooking podcast I told him to listen to.  Normally, I’d write a second, separate review, but that would require two things: 1) time and 2) writing some more about a compilation of dreadful Rick Astley songs.  No, thank you.

So since I don’t want to copy and paste the direct text, here’s the link to today’s Culture Challenge and Rick Astley blog.  Enjoy, and we’ll be back tomorrow with some more blogging.

Here is the link.


OK, just kidding…here’s the real link:

And since it’s not in there, the overall grade: D.


One response to “Album Review – Playlist: The Very Best of Rick Astley

  1. A half-assed review is always preferable to no review at all.
    As for the song, whether people choose to admit it or not, it is catchy. I am a fan.

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