A Halftime Mini-Rant on Syracuse

There are happy reviews coming up later, but for now, there is not.  Since my school, Syracuse University, currently trails to UNC-Ashville by 4 at the half.  That’s 16th-seeded UNC-Asheville – who is vying to be the first 16 seed to ever win a game.

Syracuse had a 31-2 season.  They won the most conference games in the history of the Big East.  They were led by one of Jim Boeheim’s best coaching years of all-time.  And the ONLY thing I care about is a win over a 16 seed out of the Big South.

I don’t care if Syracuse loses by 15 to Kansas State in the next round.  All I care about is Syracuse beating a 16 seed.  My goodness.

Syracuse seems to have no concept of attacking a zone defense.  This is interesting because Syracuse plays against a zone defense every day in practice.  In fact, it plays against the nation’s best zone defense.

Syracuse has no full-court press, apparently, even though the guards should be by far the best part of their team.

Syracuse seems allergic to going inside the paint, when none of its shooters can hit an outside shot and they have an enormous size advantage, with or without Fab Melo.

Kris Joseph has forgotten how to hit a shot.  Scoop Jardine has forgotten how to take a shot.  None of Syracuse’s big men who are not named “Fabricio de Melo” can catch the basketball.  But hey, at least they go to class.

I told myself I wasn’t going to make this blog into a sports blog, since I’m a broadcaster and I feel a responsibility to stay as objective as possible.  But this team is staring in the face of the worst loss in the history of the NCAA Tournament.  And they didn’t seem to make one single adjustment in the first half.

This isn’t really going to happen, is it?

Postgame Update: It didn’t happen.  Phew.


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