Technology Review: iPad! (Plus Mini-John Calipari Review)

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So I’ve had my eyes on an iPad ever since my broadcast partner Jason brought one into the booth last year.  And thanks to Kentucky’s victory over Kansas and my winnings of $375 in NCAA pools, I allowed myself to set aside a little money for purchasing one.  Thanks, John Calipari!

(While I’m at it, a quick thought…it’s been a little disappointing to see everyone crush Kentucky after their championship win.  I’m not going home and staring at my many John Calipari posters, but what is so wrong about what Kentucky’s done here?  Calipari has recruited all these one-and-done players because they’re the best players in the country, and the climate has changed.  As much as we might like it to be, NCAA basketball isn’t a senior-driven sport any more, folks.  Had Calipari decided to recruit players with a better chance of staying more than one year, Kentucky would not have won the national championship.

Also, why is everyone treating Kentucky as this evil championship-gobbling empire?  They hadn’t won a title since 1998 – that’s a 14-year gap.  Most of my friends who were vehemently rooting against Kentucky didn’t even watch that game!  I understand Calipari has had some shady issues in his past – though you could easily make an argument that both vacated Final Fours weren’t a result of something he was directly involved in.  Has he bended and broken the rules?  I’m sure he has.  Have 99% of D-1 coaches?  I’m sure they have.  Does Calipari show an enormous love for his players and desire to get them to the next level?  Absolutely.  Why is this such a terrible championship?)

“Derrick Rose’s SAT scores were in high school! IN HIGH SCHOOL! How was I supposed to know?”

Well, now I have an iPad.  I decided to purchase the iPad 2, because I’m not a crazy tech geek who needs all these pixels and whatnots.  It was a struggle to get out of Best Buy in the first place – I tried to get a store credit card, some nonsense got screwed up, and 15 minutes later I just threw my hands up and paid with my regular credit card.  But the iPad came with me, and I have adored it ever since.

I downloaded 15 apps on my iPad in the first two hours.  I also held it aloft a number of times and kissed the screen.  What a wonderful piece of technology.  Everything is light-speed fast so far, and I fell asleep after completing a crossword on the NY Times Crossword app.  I’ve decided not to put my iTunes music on there, since I downloaded the Pandora app – that’s an easy way for me to branch out and find new music, while I keep my iTunes on my computer.  And I downloaded a Mind Map-type app that will let me keep track of notes for baseball players during this Chiefs season.

The iPad is great.  It’s light, it’s fast, and it’s fun.  The design is sleek and simple, just the way Steve Jobs envisioned it.  I was asked at Best Buy if I wanted to purchase a stylus, and I almost laughed in the employee’s face – if you’ve read the Jobs biography (which I gave a rousing A+ too), Jobs’ disdain for using a stylus was quite clear.  So there’s my one bit of advice for those of you who haven’t gone out and bought an iPad yet – do NOT get a stylus.  Somewhere, Steve Jobs will yell at you.

That is freakin’ terrifying.

And no, I haven’t typed this from my iPad – it’s must faster to type on an actual keyboard, which is the iPad’s one disadvantage.  But that’s a minor quibble.  It’s not a device to type long blog posts, but I DO have a new computer too.  I look forward to tomorrow, when the Masters starts, and I can keep track of the five players I’ve selected in my golf pool on the 2012 Masters app.  And that opening video of Augusta is just so pretty.  I can’t wait to see what happens in the next more-than-two days – but I hope it makes Steve happy, wherever he is.

Grade: A


3 responses to “Technology Review: iPad! (Plus Mini-John Calipari Review)

  1. I don’t get all the Calipari hatred either. He’s come out and said he does not like the current system either but there is no denying that he has helped his players be successful!!!

    • Sorry Kevin, but where John C goes, sleaze is sure to follow:

      “For example, in 1996, a 35-2 University of Massachusetts team coached by John Calipari made it all the way to the Final Four. A year later, because of a tangled scandal involving Marcus Camby, jewelry, and hookers, the NCAA stripped UMass of its tournament victories, forced the school to pay back $151,617 in tournament revenues, and expunged the team’s accomplishments from the official record book. Then, in 2008, a 38-2 Memphis team coached by John Calipari made it all the way to the championship game. A year later, because of a tangled scandal involving papier-mâché SAT scores, the NCAA stripped Memphis of its tournament victories, forced the school to pay back more than $500,000 in tournament revenues, and expunged the team’s accomplishments from the official record book.”

      “Calipari can still go into recruits’ living rooms and say that he’s never been implicated in an NCAA scandal, and that he can get them to the Final Four. But teams recruiting against him will be happy to point out that while you might get to a Final Four with Cal, there’s a good chance it won’t count — and if trouble starts brewing on campus, don’t expect him to stick around. He’ll have jumped ship for safer (and usually more lucrative) places long before the sanctions drop. By the time UMass was hit, Calipari had already left to take over the New Jersey Nets, and by the time Memphis was hit, Calipari was already in Lexington. When the NCAA held a hearing on the Rose affair in Indianapolis, Calipari didn’t even attend — he phoned in from China.”

      Read more:

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