The New York Freaking Times?!

Well, this is somewhat awkward.

I can relate, guys.

For those few people who wondered “hey, where the hell did this blog go?” – whoops.  I realize now that, despite my personal messages to my friends, I never fully explained the disappearance of this blog on the actual blog itself.  Well, I suppose this is a good a time as ever.  (Although, say, April 12th would have worked as well.)

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m one of the two radio broadcasters for the Syracuse Chiefs, the Triple-A affiliate of the Washington Nationals.  And with 144 games in 152 days, there isn’t a ton of time for much extraneous work.  That’s essentially what this blog is – a fun release for me to talk about whatever’s on my mind and to start some discussion every now and then.  And it’s a simple outlet to express some creativity.  I’ve always fancied myself a writer in some way, and this is the best outlet I have for writing at the moment.  (Though I do believe I’ll get to writing a screenplay sooner rather than later, because…well, why not, really?)  But with all the things I’d like to get done – especially within the constraints of the baseball season – I’d need about six extra hours in a day.

So – as told by me to friends and unbeknownst to the online-only reading community here – I’d decided to put the blog on hiatus until baseball season’s conclusion on September 3rd.  And as much as I enjoy churning out my own opinions here, I was fine with that decision.  But a funny thing happened today (with no Forum in sight, I might add).

I checked my email in the early evening for the first time today – which, in and of itself, was odd.  And I saw a few emails regarding some “pingbacks” in the blog, meaning someone had linked to my blog from a separate site.  This site, I would soon find out, had discovered my March post regarding the horrid trailer for “That’s My Boy”, the upcoming Adam Sandler soon-to-be-cinema-classic.  (My goodness, I even typed that through gritted teeth.)  And this site – of COURSE – was “The Fifth Down”.  In other words, the football blog of the N.Y. Times.

Yes – THAT N.Y. Times.

Not this SPECIFIC N.Y. Times, but yeah, this N.Y. Times.


Now, I understand that being in the football blog on is not the same thing as being on the front page of the honest-to-goodness paper.  But still – the New York Times is the New York Freaking Times.  Granted, I have more questions without answers than after watching Prometheus – how did author Toni Monkovic stumble across my blog?  Why did he choose to include it?  Why did he write that I was “an aspiring sportscaster” without actually naming me?  Does anyone have his email so I can thank him personally?  Does he actually read this blog?  Why did Michael Fassbender’s character…wait, sorry, almost slipped a Prometheus question in there.

Anyway, if this isn’t a sign that I need to restart this blog, there will never be a sign I need to restart this blog.  So let’s have at it.  Starting next Monday, Kevin Reviews Things will return, with a Monday-Wednesday-Friday format.  And we’ll see where it goes from there.

Because if my writing’s good enough for the New York (Freaking) Times, it has to be good enough for me, right?


Edit: Is it possible I forgot to link to the blog?  That can’t be, right?  D’oh.  Anyway, here’s the post.


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