Random Review: Mystery Nap

I decided I was going to review something tonight when I went downstairs after finishing dinner.  That was about 30…no, wait, 40 minutes ago?  What just happened?

I just woke up – I think – from a nap on the couch.  But it wasn’t really supposed to be a nap.  I went down to my basement to write this review and take care of some other things – post weekly recaps for the Bad Quarterback League I’m in, write a portion of a movie I’m working on, one other thing I can’t remember.  I came down here and I sat on the couch, and grabbed a couple of pillows to put between my head and the wall.  Or maybe I grabbed them to lie my head down.  Either way, the pillows ended up – I’m pretty sure – on top of my head, not underneath it, as I started to lie down on the couch.

(By the way, for anyone wondering just how comfortable my couch is – yep, I reviewed it!)

I wasn’t trying to take a nap.  At least, I don’t think I was.  But I did read a New York Times article on sleep yesterday, and it talked about the benefits of napping.  That’s been in my mind for about a 30-hour span.  Plus, I didn’t get much sleep last night, and I’ll have to wake up around 7:20 AM tomorrow.  So come to think of it, a nap wouldn’t have been such a bad idea…which perhaps I subconsciously realized…

The tip of the iceberg wanted to stay awake.

Did I really fall asleep, though?  I remember lying down on the couch, listening to my dad speak about…something, to…someone.  I think.  He certainly wasn’t talking to me.  Did my sister ever come downstairs?  I don’t remember hearing her voice.  My mom went out to dinner.  She hasn’t returned, to my knowledge, although I haven’t emerged from the basement, so I could be wrong.

I think I fell asleep, because I’m in a total daze right now.  But I seem to feel like I was awake, debating the merits of Mike Trout’s American League MVP case in my mind.  (He should win it.)  I’d check my phone to see if that can tell me just how long I’ve been out for, but I don’t know where it is.  Would I really have left my phone upstairs?  Is that because I left it charging?  It was charging earlier, but I believe I took it out.  It’s definitely not down her, unless it fell in the crack between two separate pieces of the couch.  I’d go upstairs and look now, but…man, this couch is comfortable.

Anyway, I think I’m awake for good now.  Let’s call that “nap” the equivalent of a pop-up shower.  One minute it’s sunny, the next minute it’s raining, the next minute it’s pouring, and five minutes later, it’s sunny again.  That seems like a valid comparison, and it’d be even more valid if I could figure out this question…what the hell happened in the last 40 minutes?

Nap Grade: C?  Maybe?


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