Election Night

First things first – that mega-post on Hurricane Sandy I was talking about?  Yep…that got pushed back another day, for reasons I’ll explain in a postscript tomorrow.  Also, nobody wants to read the longest piece I’ve ever written on a night where, um, the President of the United State of America is being determined.

I really wanted to say something snarky on here about practically every single person letting the world know that they voted on Facebook or Twitter, but then I went to vote.  I got on line after a long day of work, three hours longer than I expected.  And yet – to my utmost surprise – I walked down the street with an enormous side of satisfaction.

Let’s be completely real about this – my vote for President will have literally zero effect on who is named President of the United States.  There is nothing resembling even a modicum of a chance there.  I’m not foolish.  But I still felt like the greatest citizen in the world.  I know it sounds overly romantic, but man – I haven’t had that kind of an exhilarating rush in a long time.

Anyway, now it’s time to watch CNN and see the most insane maps and touch screens this side of ESPN’s NFL Draft coverage.  Wolf Blitzer is losing his mind with every number that flies across the screen.  I give it an A.

Enjoy the election coverage.  And enjoy the privilege we have as Americans.  You don’t need to go crazy and proclaim the U.S.A. the unequivocally best country in the world if you don’t want to, but just think about the opportunities we have.  ‘Merica, folks.  ‘Merica.


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