Future Blog Stuff + Soliciting Ideas…

So, today’s post isn’t actually a review.  Total cop-out, I know.  I won’t pepper you with excuses, but I haven’t written anything yet, and both the Knicks and Syracuse basketball are playing tonight.  And The Dark Knight‘s on TNT, as I’ve just discovered.  Sorry about it.

So, a couple of things to note here:

1) There are a couple of fun things coming to the blog soon.  Next week, we’ll have our biggest guest review with a look at Muse’s album The 2nd Law.  Three friends and I will be reviewing the album track-by-track, and it should be done some time within the next seven days.  There’s also a guest review of Lincoln on the horizon, to which I’ll likely add my thoughts.

As always, this blog is much more fun for me when people help out, and I’m always soliciting outside ideas.  So shoot me your guest reviews or ideas at kevinnoble.brown@gmail.com.

2) At the suggestion of Dan Kaplan, one of our 2nd Law guest reviewers, you can expect to see (hear) the addition of a Kevin Reviews Things podcast soon.  Any ideas for that are definitely welcomed as well.  I don’t know exactly what the time table is on this on, but we’ll probably try and institute it over the next month.

3) The Dark Knight is on TNT until 11:15 ET.  Enjoy your night.


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