The Kevin Reviews Things Podcast: Episode 3 – 2012 Year in Music Review

(A brief note – this was supposed to be Episode Two of our 873-part running podcast series, but then Thursday’s emergency Oscar nomination pod came along.  So if you want to go ahead and ignore the words “Episode Two” in this one, please be my guest.)

If you’d told me six months ago that some of my favorite albums in 2012 would have been soulful R&B, West Coast Compton-based rap, Australian alt-0pera-pop and Australian psych-rock, I’d have laughed.  But the Year of the Mayans was somewhat of a musical awakening for me, as my aural horizons broadened and I delved into some exciting new records and artists.  To celebrate the year that was, I’ve brought along a few musically inclined friends to discuss the most memorable songs and albums of 2012.

Below, Alex Brewer (read more from here), Dan Kaplan (hear more from him here) and Dan Lyons (read more from him here) join me to discuss our favorite albums and songs of the year, our most surprising and disappointing albums, our favorite Top 40 songs and our most hated songs of 2012.  (Spoiler alert: Pitbull makes at one least appearance.  ¡Dale!)

Listen, enjoy and react in the comments below.


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