About The Blog

Seriously, if you need to go to this page, then you clicked on the wrong URL.  I’m Kevin, there are things, and I review them.

OK, I’ll play nice…to expand upon that a bit more, I just like writing.  And I like giving my opinion.  And I like reading reviews.  So I’m combining the three.

Every weekday (yes, I get to take weekends off too) I’ll review something.  Whether it’s a movie, a TV show, a book, food, the Knicks’ offensive execution, the chair I’m sitting on, a phrase in the English lexicon…whatever.  The possibilities are really endless here.

Why should you read?  For two and a half reasons.  Number 1, people like reading reviews.  Number 1.5, people like reading reviews that have a grade.  Number 2 (.5?), because I’m funny.  Hopefully.  Well, maybe you think that.  And if not, at least pretend.  Because I think you’re funny, and quite handsome as well.  Yes, you.  I’m talking to you.  That’s quite a dapper outfit you have on, there.

…what’s that?  You’re only wearing a punk rock t-shirt and no pants?  Oh.  Well…this is awkward.



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