About Kevin

I’m from Baldwin, NY on lovely Long Island, where I currently live.

I graduated from Syracuse University in May 2011 with a degree in broadcast journalism and am an aspiring sportscaster.  But I like writing, among many other things.

Among my many interests: movie theatre popcorn, spelling the word theatre with an “re” rather than an “er,” playing basketball, the occasional Nintendo 64 trip, counting down the days until the release of The Dark Knight Rises, listening obsessively to Oasis or the Beatles, and playing piano.



4 responses to “About Kevin

  1. Kevin, I just bookmarked your webpage and am looking forward to reading your reviews. I am very excited for you and expect great things from you. Regards, Mrs. Sullivan (Katie’s Mom).

  2. Kevin, Would love your review of The Girl With the Dragon Tatoo. if you are really daring, how’s bout a review of both the Swedish and American versions. Hint, they are quite different with the Hollywood version actually being truer to the book.

    • Good idea. I have yet to see the Swedish one, though I saw the American one a few weeks ago and have read the book. I think a viewing of the Swedish one may have to wait until Oscar season is over, though, as I’m playing movie catch-up at the moment.

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